Do We Care Enough

We have to seize our country back

Nigeria belongs to us. It’s time to seize it back from the hands of an uncaring, greedy and corrupt group of people .

Nigeria belongs to the people of Nigeria.

We have shut our eyes to the oppression and atrocities that are committed on a daily basis for too long. By doing absolutely nothing we have cooperated with a crude, vulgar and selfish political class to further our own oppression.

I want you to ask yourselves this question.

‘What have any of the governments of the past 30 years given us in terms of public and basic utilities?

Do we have stable and reliable electricity?

Do we have clean running water?

Do we have security?

Do we have any semblance of good public education?

Do we have reasonable healthcare?

Once again I want to make it very clear that I am not, and never will be an advocate of any kind of violent uprising.

What I am advocating is the active but peaceful use of our power as the electorate.

A government cannot govern without the consent of the electorate. It is NOT possible.

My primary concern right now is not actually about how and whether or not we can hold governments accountable. Trust me, in a country in which the electorate is politically and socially awake that is actually not a big deal at all.

My primary concern is whether or not we actually care. Do we actually care what happens to Nigeria? Or do we only wake up for a few days from our seemingly permanent slumber when disaster strikes? You may think I’m sounding a little harsh but I want us all to ask ourselves the following questions.

1. How many air disasters has Nigeria had in the last twelve years?

2. How did we as a nation react to each one?

3. How long did our anger last?

4. What did we as a people do about it?

5. What happened in the long run?

The answers to the above questions tell me one thing and one thing alone.

The answers tell me that WE are the ones to blame for these disasters; not the government or the aviation sector.

Just like the national strike in January we blew a lot of hot air, only to quietly return to our normal day to day affairs soon afterwards. Why? Because we simply don’t care enough.

Note – I’ve only focussed on air disasters here. There’s a lot more that happens on a daily basis that doesn’t even make it to the front pages of the newspapers.

What we have in Nigeria, as a result of uncaring and incompetent governments is a country in which every man is his own local government. In other words, each of us has our own ‘back up’ to all public services. As a result of government after governments’ inability to provide basic public services to its people we long ago decided to simply look after ourselves.

The result is a country in which it’s people have next to zero patriotism. Everyone is focussed on sorting themselves out. Don’t get me wrong. This is not a criticism. Indeed I am exactly the same. I just want us all to be very clear about what we are dealing with here.

It is time to stop blaming the government.

For decades we blamed our former colonial masters.

Today we have shifted the blame to the government.

Citizens of Nigeria – WAKE UP!!!

The fault is ours. It has been for years.

I repeat – no government can operate without being given the authority to do so by the electorate.

So, first of all we need to test our patriotism.

Do we care enough about each other and about Nigeria?

The truth is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out the solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

But there is no point in offering solutions to a people that do not care enough.

Therefore we need to test our love for our country.

I suggest we have an ‘I love Nigeria day.’

We will keep this very simple.

1. This day will be a day in which we show love and service towards each other.


Do something loving for at least one person. No – not your spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or friend.

Do something loving for someone you’re not that close to; or someone you don’t even know.

2. It will be a day in which we all fly the National flag on our cars and in front of our homes.

3. It will be a day on which residents on every street will come out at 10.55am, hold hands along a straight line and pray for our country
at 11am for just 5 minutes. I am talking about both Christians and Muslims. We must stand together as one in a show of love for our country and for each other.

I suggest that ‘I love Nigeria Day’ should be a Saturday.

The simplicity of ‘I love Nigeria Day’ is what makes it most effective. It is a simple way in which to show that we do still care about one another. In my view if we as a people cannot unite to do this then there is no foundation on which to build anything from.

It is a test of love

It is a test of unity

It is a test of whether or not we actually care.

If you agree with this then I want you to forward this article to as many people as you can.

I believe we do still care.

But I want us all to be sure of it before going further.

If we can successfully work together to make this day happen then we will all know for sure that we are united in our desire for a better Nigeria and hence ready for the next stage.


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