By George He Finally Did It!

I am literally just starting to wake up.

For the best part of today I’ve walked around like a zombie – all be it a zombie that’s been smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat!

The reason for my cheerful doziness is due to the outcome of last night’s Men’s US Open Final.

Andy Murray finally won his first Grand Slam!!!

I went to bed at 2.45am!!!

For someone that needs to grab as much beauty sleep as he can, that is incredibly late; especially for a Monday night.

But it was worth every second.

Here was a match of numerous uncharacteristic mistakes, as well as sheer brilliance from both men; a match brimming with power, skill, energy and raw emotion. What a game!!

But can someone please explain to me why the chair umpire gave Djokovic a time violation warning in the fifth set???!!!

Hello??!!! Here was a match of epic proportions between two of the four titans of men’s tennis, both in terms of the level of play, and in terms of making history – Djokovic attempting to be the first man to come back from two sets down in a men’s final since 1949, and Murray attempting to become the first Brit to win a Grand Slam since 1936.

The windy weather was challenging to say the least; in addition to that, the average number of shots per point was something like 9.5.

In one rally the total number of shots was 54.


So, Mr. Chair Umpire – have some flipping pity!!!

Luke Jensen, commentating on ESPN’s coverage of last night’s final simply wouldn’t stop withering on about the ‘futility of Britain not having had a grand slam winner for 74 years’.

Mr. Jensen, kindly remember that the last time an American won a men’s major was in 2003 – almost ten years ago.

Bearing in mind the fact that none of the current crop of America’s male tennis players look capable of even getting to the quarter finals, let alone winning a slam, I strongly suggest that you tone down that particular observation.

Before you know it, it will be thirty years since an American has won a men’s major; then fifty, then seventy, and then who knows.
So – shhhhhhh.

What a marvellous summer of sport we’ve had; from the great feats of those British Olympians, to the phenomenon that is Michael Phelps, to the demi god that is Usain Bolt, to those awesome wonders of the para-Olympians.

Simply magnificent all round.

We salute you Boris (are you sure you don’t want to run for PM by the way?!!).

We salute you Olympians.

We salute you London.

We salute you Mr. Federer (there’s absolutely no way I’m leaving out my man Fed).

We salute you Mr. Lendl.

And we salute you Mr. Murray – twice!!

Finally, I just googled ‘the last British player to win a grand slam’ .

It’s still saying Fred Perry!

It’s not Fred Perry anymore!

It’s Andy Murray!!!

Have a good night.


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