‘David said to the Philistine, “you come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty…

“I often try to imagine how intimidating Goliath must have been.

The bible says he was over nine feet tall.

Over Nine flipping feet!!!! We are also told that Goliath was a champion.

Had he ever lost a battle??

Of-course not!

Could he possibly loose a battle in the future??

Don’t be absurd!

A sure winner??

Wake up mate!!! Just look at the guy!

Was David insane to even ponder it?

Just a tad!

What An Absolute Nutter!!!

But David, spurred on by his victories over that unfortunate lion, and that poor distressed bear, and more importantly, strengthened by his recognition that the battle was the Lord’s, did not waver in his belief that a fight with Goliath was mere child’s play.

After-all, what’s nine feet compared to the creator of the universe??!!

David could have allowed his eyes to get the better of him.

He could have allowed what he saw and heard to persuade him that Goliath, the champion of Gath, and most likely the champion of earth, was indeed too great an opponent.

He could have allowed the general view of the situation to discourage him.

He could have permitted the fact that he had never experienced war to influence his decision.

He could also have allowed the harsh and unfair rebuke of his brother to send him back in anger, giving him the perfect opportunity for a well earned, and hence justifiable sulk (we all love to revel in self pity parties every now and then).

But David chose not to be intimidated by that daunting sight of the giant in front of him.

He chose not to be discouraged by the words and views of everyone around him – including his king.

He chose not to accept that endearing invitation to the splendid and lavish self pity party.

He chose instead to believe in His God

He chose to believe that God loved him

He chose to believe that God wanted the very best for him

He chose to believe that his God was, and would always be by his side

He chose to believe that His God was more than enough

There are moments in life when we experience days of uncertainty;days in which everything seems so murky,  and hope a questionable and almost futile concept.

Nope. I’m not going to say victory is just around the corner.

Yes, of-course it may very well be.

But the truth is that more often than not it isn’t just around the corner.

More often than not, victory is way down the bottom of the road, second left and then third on the right.

But it IS there.

You just have to believe and keep going.

Every period of difficulty we go through is an opportunity to grow in God’s strength. Every moment of discomfort is an opportunity to learn and become better people.

Better at what we do

Better at loving people

Better are serving

Better at leading

Better with finances

Better friends

Better sisters

Better brothers

Better husbands

Better wives

Better fathers

Better mothers

Better boyfriends

Better girlfriends

Better colleagues

And so much more

The key is not to allow what we see around us to blind our belief or passion. Not to allow the legions of negative words and actions that we see and hear every day to dull our passion for God, for people, and for where we’re heading.

It’s up to us

We can allow our past to scatter our future


Accept God’s forgiveness (He forgave you ages ago!!!)

We can forgive ourselves and try again


Remain in perpetual self condemnation

We can allow present difficulties to sway us from our God given destinies


Believe with all heart and soul that we have everything we need inside us to succeed

We can allow anger, bitterness, and resentment to determine everything we do


Forgive, embrace unconditional love, and move on

We can use all manner of guile to get what we think we want


Trust God to give us what we need

We can continue to wallow in self pity


get up and go again with a renewed determination to get it right

We can choose to believe that Nigeria can never change


Decide that we can make a difference

Life wasn’t supposed to be easy. Actually it was. But thanks to dear brother Adam and dearest sister Eve, ‘smooth sailing’ was replaced with ‘rollercoaster ride of ups and downs’.

Cheers Adam!

Thanks again Eve!

But despite Adam and Eve’s hands in ensuring that our journey on earth is anything but easy, we can still make it.

Why? Because we have a God that wants the very best for us

Because there is so much more love in us than we realise

Because there is more power in us than we can ever imagine

Because He dwells inside of us

He is perfect in Love

He is perfect in Power

Is it time to recognise the awesome strength that dwells inside us?

Is it time to recognise the amazing abilities He has given us?

Is it time to look less and believe more?

It’s up to us

Have a splendiforous weekend.

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2 thoughts on “IT’S UP TO US.

  1. Victoria says:

    I needed that. Thanks 🙂

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