Now Picture This

“What kind of a God is this? Isn’t that His Son that they’re battering down there???
How can he just sit there and watch as the very people He created beat His Son to a pulp?”

Gabriel looked on in disbelief as these questions terrorised his mind; his heart in turmoil.

Part of him wanted to scream in anger at his Master. The other part remained resolute in the knowledge that His master was just that – His master.

He reminded himself that the Master always knows best; that He’s omniscient – knowing yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

But had He made a mistake?

Had His plan gone horribly wrong?

Surely this was not supposed to happen?!!

After-all He erred once and had to start all over again. He created man, and man let him down to the extent that He felt the need to destroy everything bar Noah’s family and a few other species.

Why does He continue to give these humans chance after chance after chance??? They’re so obviously incapable of making the right choices; so adept at destroying everything that is given to them; and so terribly ungrateful.

What is it about these creatures that stirs my Master so?

Why does He pay them so much attention?

Tears of grief flowed down his cheeks as his mind wrestled with doubts concerning his Master’s wisdom.

He loved his Master – always had, and always would.

He would never betray Him; never let Him down – unlike Lucifer – who was always so quick to point out the Master’s faults, and in the end foolishly believed that He was better and greater.

But for the first time Gabriel was not so sure whether his Master was right.

How could he be when all he could see was the evil torture that his Master’s very creation was inflicting on His Son – the King?!!

He looked again at his Master, hoping for a sign; anything that suggested decisive action
was about to be taken.

As he looked, the Ancient of Days gave him a fleeting glance – an expression of love and surety; an expression not of worry or panic, but of calmness and finality.

In that instant Gabriel’s whole body shook with fear. It was as though He saw every thought and question that was running through his mind.

He knew The Ancient of Days could see right through him.

But rather than anger and disappointment he sensed that his Master was telling him not to worry; to remain calm; that everything would be just fine.

The twenty four elders continued to worship, as though oblivious to what was taking place.

“Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, and Who is to come”

No matter how many times the elders repeated those words – over and over again, each stanza sounded different.

Each with it’s own distinct melody; each springing to life as though being sung for the very first time.

Gabriel looked down again as man crucified the Son of God on the cross.

Surely now was the time for his Master to give His signal.

Surely He would instruct His angels to rescue the King.

But there was no signal.

He looked again at his Master.

Although His eyes were now closed, the sadness and grief was plain to see.

His face said it all.

He had given them everything.

And yet again they had let Him down.

Time after time He had displayed His love and affection for them.

And time and time again they had turned their backs on Him.

“My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

As those words of pain, fear, and anguish echoed around the throne room, the Ancient of Days’ opened His eyes.

A solitary tear drop careered down the right side of His face.

The whole of heaven filled with grief.

But the elders continued to worship- yet another verse – sounding completely different to the last one – ever more beautiful – ever more moving.

“It is finished” said Jesus with His final breath.

“My Son…. My Son.” muttered the Ancient of Days, in a manner that seemed to say it all – regret, despair, and utter sorrow.

There was a deafening silence.

Even the Elders had stopped singing.

Not a sound could be heard anywhere.

In that moment it seemed all was lost.

The Master’s favourite creation had let Him down once and for all.

Surely he wouldn’t give them another chance?!!  Not after this.

Not after they had so brutally murdered His Son.

It was over.

What now?

As these same thoughts whirled through the minds of everyone and everything in heaven, the magnificent gates of the throne room began to open.

A bright, and almost blinding light beamed through the gate entrance, filling the whole room with glory and splendour – as if preparing the way for something to happen – for someone to enter.

The Ancient of Days stood up.

This time His face bore an expression of love, joy, and victory.

The elders began to sing and worship again.

“My Son, My beautiful Son!” exclaimed the Ancient of Days.

As Jesus walked through the gates, the whole of heaven bowed down in awe, reverence, and joy.

His majesty and splendour matched only by that of His Father.

As His love and glory filled the throne room, the awesome radiance of the Ancient of Days increased to a level never witnessed before.

The trumpets sounded.

Angels sang, prophets worshipped, and kings prostrated, as He made the long triumphant walk to His Father and His Throne.

The elders were now singing two songs at the same time; both awesome in melody, and somehow intertwined.

Tears of sadness and joy flowed freely down Gabriel’s cheeks.

Joy because he loved his King and was happy to see Him back in Heaven – in the same splendour and majesty that always befits Him; back in His rightful place as the King of Kings – the Son of The Almighty.

But sadness because he had doubted his Master.

He had wondered whether his Master had erred.

The King of Kings stopped where Gabriel lay prostrated, crouched down and took his hand.

He smiled, and said to him,

“I felt your anguish Gabriel. I felt your love. Only my Father and I knew what was going to happen. It’s ok. I know your love for me.”

In that moment the tears flowing down Gabriel’s cheeks multiplied in volume and frequency; now only tears of joy.

Jesus stood up again, and continued His victorious procession towards His Father – The Ancient of Days.

As Gabriel looked on in admiration and adoration, he thought to himself,

“What a magnificent God. Can there ever be a greater love?!!!”

The Ancient of Days’ heart was filled with pride and joy.

As His Son approached Him He couldn’t help but marvel at His love and humility. Though the King of Kings, He had lowered Himself to unthinkable and unbearable depths of suffering and despair.

This wonderful Son never wavered in His love.

Never wavered in His obedience to Him.

Never veered from the plan.

What a son!

What a King!

As Jesus arrived at the throne, the Master took His son by the hand – tears of joy streaming down His face.

He hugged His Son for what seemed like an eternity, before presenting Him to His audience – the Heavens.

“My Son!!!” bellowed the Ancient of Days.

“This is my son
He died, and He rose again
His love is like no other
Through Him mankind has been redeemed
Through Him mankind has been saved
All Hail Jesus Christ
All Hail The King of Kings”

The Heavens bowed.

Mankind continued his sojourn; oblivious to what had just taken place.

© Segun Akande

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