The World Is Not Enough

I heard the most powerful message (yea that’s right – message of the church sermon type) on tv a few weeks ago.

Remember the late Princess Diana?

Yes – that adorable mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Remember Mother Theresa?

Yep – that amazing woman who dedicated her life to looking after those in need.

Both were known world wide.

When Princes Diana died, the world literally stopped for a few days.

Millions went into mourning.

Television stations had a field day!

She was celebrated and adored for her amazing contributions to mankind.

As explained by the preacher in the sermon I heard, in one of the main papers in the US there was a big article about Priness Diana – illustrating her life and achievements etc.

Underneath the article, at the bottom of the page, was a small paragraph informing us that mother Theresa had died – almost like an after thought.

There is no doubt that Princes Diana did many great and wonderful things whilst she was alive.

But who do you think did more for those in need?

Princess Diana or Mother Theresa?

I think we all know the answer to that.

And yet why was Mother Theresa barely mentioned?


The world’s definition of success is significantly different to that of God’s.

In-fact the two are complete opposites.

The world’s definition of success is fame and fortune.

God’s definition of success is our ability to execute the tasks that He has set for us – in other words how well we do the things that He wants us to do.

As a result of what we see around us, as well as what we are fed on a daily basis by the media, many of us long for worldly success.

We either get very frustrated if we don’t attain it – or find it and still feel empty.

Contrary to popular perception, the world is not enough.

Let’s focus a little more on those things that God wants us to do.

Being good to our neighbour

Loving selflessly and unconditionally

Patience and kindness

Am I lecturing you?

I certainly hope not!!!

I need to re-focus just as much as the next person!!

Let’s encourage one another to seek the things that God wants us to do.

That’s all for today – short and sweet.

Don’t you just love it!!!!

©Segun Akande


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