What Really Matters

Whilst consoling me after my mother passed on to heaven a few years ago, a good friend mine said to me;

“So sorry about your loss Segs. Unfortunately as we get older more and more people who are close to us are going to start dying.”

My reply

“Cheers mate. That’s really inspiring!”

My dear friend obviously meant well but he’s always been one to tell you exactly the way it is.

Can’t argue with him.

He spoke the truth.

The older we get the more the likelyhood of losing people close to us.

But our loss is God’s gain. For surely those who died in Christ are now with the Almighty.

My family recently lost someone very very special.

A pillar of strength

A tower of love

A man who personified selflessness

A Truly Great Man

I am forever grateful to God for you Dad.

Thank you

We always knew he was special. But we had no idea how special until after he was gone.

The one common denominator that resonates through the avalanche of tributes that have flooded in since his departure is that of ‘selflessness’.

He was a man who was always willing to sacrifice anything and all for those around him.

For anyone that needed help, he was a very special ‘friend in deed’.

Whilst listening to tributes from the numerous people that this colossus of love helped was both moving and inspiring, one couldn’t help feeling a sense of….well….a sense of ‘surely this is what it’s all about. Surely this is what is really important – impacting the lives of others.’

As Christians we spend a great amount of time professing our belief in Christ’s resurection, and thereby our inheritence of eternal joy and bliss as God’s children.

However we still struggle to deal with the concept of death. We continue to shy away from the fact that our time on earth is but a tiny milisecond when compared to the eternity we will spend in our real home – Heaven.

Maybe our churches should focus a lot more on what Christ did for us, leading to the certainty and reality of heaven for those who believe in Him.

And maybe it would help if we stop using the word ‘death’.

After-all Christ himself says;

“Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

John 7 vs 38

“I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.”

John 8 vs 5

For those that believe and have given their lives to Christ there is NO DEATH.

The more we subconsciously believe (and it really is so subtle that we don’t realise) that earth is our final destination the more likely it is that we will continue to focus on those things that in the end don’t really matter.

So what’s my message today?


– God gave you eyes
Use them to acknowledge the reality of those in need

– God gave you ears
Listen to the cries of those that need your help

– God gave you special talents
Use them to serve those around you

– God gave you a mouth to speak
Use it to tell as many people as possible about what Christ did for us

– God gave you a heart
Let go of how you feel and what the world says, and allow His love to flow freely within you, thereby enabling you to love as He designed you to love – unconditionally and selflessly.

Through Christ Jesus, you ARE, and always will be a LIVING child of the LIVING God.

Segun Akande


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