They Are Your Values For A Reason

Whilst on our way to a meeting a few years ago, a friend and I had the most ferocious argument. Ours was a disagreement so acute that we both decided we no longer wanted to continue with the project at hand.

But somehow we both managed to calm down, and decided to proceed with our venture.

Just so you know, I was completely at fault. Lol


My friend is very particular about being on time for all appointments, be they a visit to the cinema, coffee with a friend, or a meeting of any sort.

Whilst I recognised the importance of being on time for appointments, it seems that the ‘Africa Time’ syndrome had somewhat eroded its’ significance.

Rather than recognise the blatant reality of the fact that being on time is an extremely important value to my friend, I more or less ridiculed him for it.

I don’t think I need to tell you his reaction to my not respecting a value that is obviously so important to him!

Let’s just say that it signalled the launch of the first of many fireworks.

It wasn’t until a third party intervened that I fully understood.

“Being on time for appointments is obviously an important value to your friend Segun. You need to recognise that, and respect it.”

Quote from third party (who? None of your business!)

The world will often tell you that your peculiarities are over the top, or that you are intolerant.

Maybe you are intolerant ; and maybe you’re not.

What is important is that you recognise what your values are, and take them seriously.

Even if others don’t

Even if you’re ridiculed for it

Even if some dislike you for it

Why is this so important?

Because before you were born God had already intended for you to have specific values – for a specific reason.

Your values are intrinsically linked to your purpose in life.

Nobody else has your particular character, energy, or otherwise, to achieve your God designed mission.

Nobody else has the specific combination of values that make you the perfect and ideal person to achieve your purpose.

Recognise your values

Respect your values

Respect the values of others; for they were also made in that particular way for a specific purpose.

Do not allow the world to dilute your values

Do not allow the world to dictate your values

Your values are who you are

The greatest mistake you can make is to allow the world to dilute or dictate who you are.

You are indeed special, and were created by God for a specific purpose.

Embrace who you are.

Segun Akande


One thought on “They Are Your Values For A Reason

  1. Tosin Onalaja says:

    Nice one, Mr Segs! Just what I needed to read. Seems like I’ve been coming under pressure from different areas to dilute my own values. Would’ve been a tragedy, if I allowed it.

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