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By George He Finally Did It!

I am literally just starting to wake up.

For the best part of today I’ve walked around like a zombie – all be it a zombie that’s been smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat!

The reason for my cheerful doziness is due to the outcome of last night’s Men’s US Open Final.

Andy Murray finally won his first Grand Slam!!!

I went to bed at 2.45am!!!

For someone that needs to grab as much beauty sleep as he can, that is incredibly late; especially for a Monday night.

But it was worth every second.

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The Hangover

I woke up this morning feeling as though I’d just waved goodbye to someone so dear. A somber emotion; an intense attack of withdrawal symptoms. What now???
What are we going to do now??????
I can honestly say that the just concluded London 2012 was definitely the most inspiring and uplifting games that I have witnessed in my lifetime.
The opening ceremony set a high precedent that was so easily maintained throughout the sixteen / seventeen days of competition.
The games were an awesome example of what human beings can achieve.
From the exemplary work done by over 1700 volunteers, to the contributions of Royalty (an exceptional acting debut by Her Majesty the Queen in the opening ceremony – Oscars here we come Your Highness!!!), politicians (David Cameron was so inspired by team GB’s amazing performance that he has promised to promote and drive more team competition in Britain’s schools), to last night’s magnificent demonstration of British pop music; and let’s not forget Boris Johnson’s stylish and passionate waving of the Olympic flag!
Good on you Boris!
Simply superb all round!!
The games were a monumental example of what mankind can achieve when united in one purpose – love, service, dedication, planning, joy, fun, awesome feats.
Team GB was outstanding throughout the tournament. Hats off to them all- the adorable Jessica Ennis, Mr. Farah, all the British rowers, and so many more.
Then there were David Rudisha’s stunning 800 metres, Sanya Richards Ross (she finally got her 400m olympic gold medal) and my two personal favourites, Shelly Anne Frazer Pryce and Alison Felix – their gorgeous smiles lit up hearts as well as the Olympic Park.
Michael Phelps!
Will there ever be another like him?!!!
You are an inspiration to what human beings can achieve Mr. Phelps. Thank you!!
You know me better than to think I wouldn’t reserve a special mention or even a whole paragraph for Mr. Usain Bolt and his most able companion, Yohan Blake.

Before Beijing 2008, as a result of the constant drug scandals that accompanied it, many people, myself included, had fallen out of love with athletics. Then along came our knight in shining Yellow armor – Mr. Usain Bolt.
Mr. Bolt, you have literally saved as well as resurrected international athletics. You’ve restored our passion for it. Thank you!!
I pray that you will defend both the 100m and 200m in Rio 2016.
Please, Please, Please stay fit and healthy!!!
By the way, Jamaica may have struggled to win that 4 x 100m relay had it not been for that incredible 3rd leg of Yohan Blake. Had this man been around in any other era we would be talking about him in the same vein as we do about Mr. Bolt.
Last night’s closing ceremony was a delightful celebration of British pop music – Queen, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox (the original diva – she should be ‘Lady Annie Lennox’ – same with Kate Bush), Oasis (but can someone please explain to me why ColdPlay didn’t feature), Blur, Take That, Ray Davies, The Who, and a scintillating performance of Always Look On The Bright Side of Life by Erik Idle.
Yes yes yes Emma, I know – and the Spice Girls.
Finally, I’m not going to complain about Nigeria’s performance. For whatever reason, things just didn’t go well for us in London 2012. But I’m sure the athletes that represented our beloved country tried as best they could. Now is not the time to complain and make accusations. It is a time for very sober reflection – what went wrong, and how can we ensure it NEVER EVER happens again.
A friend of mine in the UK told me a few days ago that Team GB’s historic performance had seriously lifted a nation that was low on morale, energy, inspiration and hope, due to the ongoing recession.
Those in the corridors of power in Nigeria should take note of how outstanding performances in competitive sports can uplift an entire nation. Every country needs the ‘feel good factor’.
One day Nigeria will perform outstandingly well in an Olympic Games. I am absolutely sure about that.
This may sound a little crazy because of what we see around us right now, but I also genuinely believe that one day Nigeria will host a games , be-it the Common Wealth Games, World Championships, or, dare I say it, an Olympic Games that we can truly be proud of.
Maybe not in our lifetime. But someday!!
However, we must start preparing the way for that day now. Let’s at least make a start so that our children / grand children can complete the job.
Remember – little steps eventually lead to giant leaps.

We are after-all human as well; and Britain has just shown us what human beings can achieve when united in one purpose.
But for now, it’s over to you Rio.
We wish you all the very best for 2016.

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