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The Man On The Cross

“More wine Drachus?” asked his fellow soldier.

“Eh? Oh…er.. yea, ok,” replied Drachus, now more than a little distracted.

Here he was with his companions – again getting merry after a day of fun and laughter; the fun of inflicting excruciating physical pain on another person – and laughter at the jokes that accompanied it.

He and his comrades had experienced such days time and time again. Days that presented them with a glorious excuse to let their hair down; to be as crude, vulgar, and mean as one could possibly be – just for the fun of it.

Today was just like any other day.

Except…..it just didn’t feel right this time.

Something was gnawing away at his concience – making him feel more than a little uncomfortable.

He glanced again at the man on the cross, as he continued his pretence of drunken revelry.

The man on the cross – the man everyone called Jesus of Nazareth was now very still.

It had been a while since he said anything. The other two were already dead. But this Jesus was still breathing; silent, still, but breathing.

Something just didn’t feel right. Why would a con man play his part right to the end – with no fear or remorse?!

How could a mad man suddenly become so silent?

And how could a mere human be so loving and so forgiving of His persecutors – right to the end.

Could they have got it wrong?

“What if He really is the Christ?” asked Drachus, no longer able to contain the harrowing questions that raged within him.

“You what???”

“Well…what if he is the Christ?”

“Look at Him Drachus! Look at him!! Do you really think a ‘King of kings’ would end up like that???

Look at the state of him!

Battered and bruised – stinking like a rotting animal – look at Him Drachus!!!

Does He look like a saviour to you???”

“Yea but what if…”

“What if what?”

“What if that’s the whole point?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well…what if the whole point of His life really is to die for us?”

There was a stoney and nervous silence for a few seconds.

“Shut it Drachus!!! You’ve had too much ale. And this time it seems to have completely robbed you of your senses” laughed his colleague.

“Come on chaps, let’s get going. The centurion will be looking for us soon.”

The soldiers got up and staggered to their horses – rather worse for wear.

“You’ll have forgotten about him by morning Drachus. And you’ll be looking forward to butchering and crucifying the next one.”

The soldiers rode off. All except Drachus.

He had mounted his horse but simply couldn’t summon up the will to move.

He sat there – staring at the man on the cross.

“Could this battered man really be the saviour of the world?

If so, then why did He allow Himself to be treated in such a way?

Surely He could have stopped them!!

But maybe that was the whole point – to die for the sins of mankind – a show of unconditional love and humility.

Maybe this world really is just for a few seconds. Maybe we really are just passing through this place on our way to eternity.

These thoughts, and many more, circled around his mind.

And so many questions – but very few answers.

He couldn’t help wishing he had had the opportunity to listen to some of Jesus’ teachings – just to get a better idea of His message.

But then again he had heard enough from other people to be persuaded that the man on the cross was, if nothing else a loving man. He even healed people; and never asked for one drachma in return.

His mind returned to that moment – the moment in which he had started to feel uncomfortable about the day’s proceedings.

Jesus had fallen to the ground, under the heavy strain of carrying that huge wooden plank. His breathing was heavy, His energy completely drained, His eyes battered – bleeding profusely.

Despite the abuse, the anger, and the wickedness that was directed towards Him He remained resolute in peace. And…..was it love that Drachus could see in those beaten eyes???

Despite the angry objection of his comrades, Drachus had got off his horse in order to help Jesus. His heart felt for him. But outwardly he had to pretend to be his usual brutish self.

“Get up man,” he said as he bent over to help him up.

“Get up or I’ll whip you to within an inch of your life,” he shouted, in order to remain convincing in his brutality.

“You may as well. He’s going to die anyway,” laughed his comrade.

The others laughed.

Drachus took the opportunity to whisper some words of encouragement in Jesus’ ear.

“Come on, you’ve got to get up. Or they’ll start beating you again. Only a little distance to go now.”

Jesus looked at him. Despite the fact that his face was heavily swollen, with blood gushing freely from his brows, an unconditional love emanated from his eyes.

He looked at Drachus and smiled.

“Thank you,” said Jesus.

Those two simple words were enough to make his heart stop – albiet for a milisecond.

How could this man still be so gentle and so loving?

Drachus remained motionless on his horse as he continued to stare at Jesus.

By now his comrades were long gone.

Aside from Jesus’ mother and a couple of His disciples, he was the only one still present.

“Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” said Jesus.

Drachus’ horse stirred as those words filled the air.

His heart now racing, as tears meandered down his cheeks.

He looked at Jesus’ mother, kneeling before the cross – inconsolable.

A few minutes passed before Drachus finally decided it was time to go.

As he prepared to leave he took one more glance at the scene around him.

Here was a scene of turmoil – a scene of pain and torture – a scene that spoke volumes of the potential depths of mankind’s wickedness.

As he took one last look at the cross, the man that they had just nailed to it, whose head had been bowed for several hours, looked up and smiled at him.

His smile was one of love and forgiveness; a smile that said it all – “It’s ok, I have already forgiven you. It’s ok.”

“It is finished” said Jesus, as He took His final breath.

Crying uncontrollably, Drachus alighted his horse and got on his knees.

It was now so obvious.

He and his companions had crucified the son of God.

They had insulted, beaten, and killed the saviour of the world.

And yet the saviour had not only forgiven him but would also seek for the forgiveness of all the others.

“I’m so sorry.

Forgive me my King.

Please forgive me.”

A lightening bolt darted across the sky

A roaring thunder

A gusty wind that seemed to carry everything in its’ path

A rain like no other descended on the city

But still Drachus remained on his knees.

Still Jesus’ mother and the two disciples knelt before the cross.

Although there was no formal acknowledgement of one another, there was a strange solidarity between them.

A union in the knowledge that mankind had just killed the son of God.

Union in the knowledge that the son of God had sacrificed himself so that they can have life.

Union in the knowledge that this was not the end.

It was only the beginning.

©Segun Akande


The Way You Are

Did you help Jesus die on the cross???

Or did you share in His suffering on the way to the cross???

I think we can safely agree that the answer to both questions is a loud and resounding NO.

By dying for us on the cross Jesus ensured that ALL our sins are forgiven.

He also ensured that we have a permanent guarantee of salvation.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross ‘with’ us.

He died on the cross ‘for’ us.

Unfortunately we seem to have developed a rather different kind of Christianity.

One in which we were actually there with Jesus – being nailed to the cross with Him.

One in which we carried our own crosses as we staggered with Jesus to Golgotha.

In-fact we were also whipped by the Roman soldiers at the same time as Jesus was!!!

Weren’t we?????

Hmmm…so why do we behave as if we were?

We have devised our own formulas for earning God’s love – via our own power and our own will.

Unfortunately there is only so far that our own power and will can take us.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about a book called ‘The Secret’.

The question on both our minds was whether this book is God based or not. I went to sleep pondering on this. When I woke up the next morning the answer was clear.

Yes – the universe does have power. However that power stems from God. God created the universe and every drop of power that it has comes from God – not the universe.

In other words let’s not attribute one miliscule of God’s power and glory to the universe or anything else.

God shares His glory with nobody.

He sent His son to die for you so that He can forever be at peace with you.

He then blessed you specifically with unbelievable talents in order for you to serve Him – through His purpose for you.

The peace of mind that He so desperately wants for us is supposed to enable us to quit worrying, in order to focus purely on fulfilling our purpose.

However, as a result of our determination to do it on our own – by our own strengths and formulas – our minds are not at peace enough to focus fully on His purpose for us.

When God asked Solomon what He wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom. God blessed him with a wisdom like no other person on earth. In-fact his was a wisdom so great that rulers from across the planet journeyed thousands and thousands of miles just to witness him in action.

But guess what?

They all knew where the wisdom came from. They all recognised that his wisdom came from God.

In other words the glory was the Lord’s.

Your purpose, the very reason you are still alive, the very reason you are reading this article is for the sake of God’s glory.

This is why I continue to emphasise this important point; and be warned – I will do so over and over and over again.

Your talents are not for your sake or your glory. They are for the sake of God and those around you.

So you are successful and have millions, billions even, in your bank account. You have the best cars and the most amazing houses. But will you be taking them with you when heaven calls?

Maybe I’m wrong but I very much doubt whether an old man/woman on his/her death bed will be lamenting about not having made enough money. I’m pretty sure that the main concern will be whether or not he or she fulfilled their purpose in life, and what kind of legacy they are leaving behind – for the sake of God and others.

The really successful people in the world today didn’t set out to be marvelously wealthy. The wealth naturally followed as a result of their dedication to creating value for others.

Bill Gates wanted to make sure that every home has a computer.

Ford wanted to ensure that every man on the street can afford a car.

These guys were passionate about adding value to people’s lives. They were passionate about serving mankind.

Is it any wonder that Bill Gates has basically taken it upon himself to use his billions to eradicate malaria in Africa?????

Their number one passion is to better people’s lives.

We live in a world which is fast becomming all too much about money money money.

Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not saying that money is not good or that I don’t want any.

Sure I do!

Who doesn’t want comfort???

But an environment in which people will do anything for money can only spell doom.

Sorry people – not trying to make you depressed.

I’m merely trying to wake us up – myself included.

For Nigeria to change we need to think less about ‘money’ and ‘self’ and more about ‘purpose’ and ‘service’.

My purpose?

Helping you identify what your purpose is, and helping you to achieve it.

I have a vision of a Nigeria in which every man is his brother’s keeper.

– helping one another to be the very best they can be -in order to love and serve God, and to love and serve each other

-a Nigeria in which every man and woman has equal opportunity to succeed and prosper, for the sake of each other and for the sake of our country.

Whilst this cannot happen over night or by magic; it can happen over time if we all play our part – by discovering and fulfilling our purpose.

We are all here for a purpose. If we all discover what our purpose is and pursue it with all our hearts / strength and minds, Nigeria will most definitely become the great nation it was always destined to be.


Because it will be a country that is focused on God’s purpose.

The way you are is not by chance.

You are the way you are because God designed you that way.

– To love and serve Him,

– To love and serve others

– To love and serve your country.

If you are reading this article it means that God still has a plan for you.

In other words you still have a wonderful opportunity to fulfill your God given purpose.

God hasn’t given up on you, so why give up on yourself?????

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It’s Time


Is it really that time of year again???

Is it really???

Feels like only a few days ago that I sat down to determine my dos’ and don’t s for 2012!!!

So what happened?

How did twelve months pass by with such lightening speed??? Continue reading

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Now Picture This

“What kind of a God is this? Isn’t that His Son that they’re battering down there???
How can he just sit there and watch as the very people He created beat His Son to a pulp?”

Gabriel looked on in disbelief as these questions terrorised his mind; his heart in turmoil.

Part of him wanted to scream in anger at his Master. The other part remained resolute in the knowledge that His master was just that – His master.

He reminded himself that the Master always knows best; that He’s omniscient – knowing yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

But had He made a mistake?

Had His plan gone horribly wrong?

Surely this was not supposed to happen?!! Continue reading

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Picture This

‘ As soon as he finished saying this, the ground under them split apart and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them, with their households and all Korah’s men and all their possessions. They went down alive into the grave, with everything they owned; the earth closed over them, and they perished and were gone from the community……..
………… And fire came out from the Lord and consumed the 250 men who were offering the incense.’

Numbers 16 vs 31 -35

Not quite the light morning read you were expecting???


But don’t stop reading just yet.

It gets better.

The old testament gives many instances of God’s wrath – against His children; against Israel’s enemies; against all sorts to be honest.

Time and time again we are told of God’s anger towards His people, and of-course the inevitable punishments that followed. Continue reading

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God Is Happy With You

“Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”

Hebrews 10 vs 18

Are we ready to accept this???

Well …. I guess it’s the whole point of accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour – right??!!!

So – we have a choice.

Either we accept that Christ has done, and indeed finished all the work / works, thereby enabling us to throw away once and for all those feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and constant worry.

Or Continue reading

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An Opportunity

Just a brief one today.

Don’t be so jubilant!!

Besides, you never know, it may turn out to be a long one.

After-all there have been many occasions when I intended to write short articles but ended up writing long ones.

So be warned! But you should be safe – I think – just. Continue reading

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‘David said to the Philistine, “you come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty…

“I often try to imagine how intimidating Goliath must have been.

The bible says he was over nine feet tall.

Over Nine flipping feet!!!! Continue reading

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A Change of Heart

Loving people unconditionally is something I’ve always struggled with. Some people are just so difficult to love!!
But they are!!! Lol… Yes yes yes – including myself!

Shut it!!

Arrogance has often been a major challenge; so too have pride, anger, and a tendency to be easily irritated.
I’ll stop there. No need to add any more.

Yep, that’s me – a few hundred miles away from ‘far from perfect’.

Continue reading

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What’s It All For?

Boy oh boy did I delay on this one!!

The skeleton of this message had been in my mind for quite a while, but sensing that I might not enjoy writing it, I..er, ….. well to be honest I just kept pretending it wasn’t really there, in the hope that I could get away with not having to write it at all.

So much for that plan working out!!

I’m sure that by the end of this article some of you will be wishing it had. Lol

Romans 8 vs 28 says that ‘All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose”.

I’m currently on my way to Gbagada to facilitate a Sales course.

Continue reading

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